Changing the Food Industry

The Food ATP has been formed to educate, connect and empower food professionals, creating a sustainable pipeline of innovative leadership, expertise and influence, with the skills to challenge the status quo, implement change and create a food industry resourced to produce sufficient sustainable food for health.

Bringing together the UK’s leading food research and training providers, and drawing together the strands of academic research and industry application, The Food ATP offers a range of programmes that have evolved from benchmarked industry input, providing training at the cutting edge of current knowledge, supporting progress and best practice, and delivered to the highest standards of excellence.

Designed to develop the ‘best of the best’ and further the careers, knowledge and skills of a diverse range of food professionals, Food ATP programmes are innovative and inspirational, providing businesses with a strategy for future proofing and succession, and equipping employees with the tools to strengthen their personal development and leadership skills, along with their organisation’s competitiveness and influence within the food industry.

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